Publication (NNHRSC)

The Institute has been published/communicated following research papers during the present academic session by the guest faculties-

Published Paper:

  • Semwal, S. and Chauniyal, D., 2020. Evaluation of Bed Load Sediments in Srinagar Valley of Alaknanda River (Garhwal Himalaya) India. IJCR, Vol. 9, Issue 4, on line Journal.

Communicated Paper:

  • Semwal. S. Tectonic Control on the Channel Pattern of Alaknanda River Valley in Srinagar (Garhwal Himalaya) submitted in the book entitled ‘Neotectonic movements and channel evolution in Indian subcontinent’ to be published with Springer International.
  • Chauniyal, D.D. Tectonic Control on River Piracy in the Foot Hills of the Lesser Himalaya. Communicated to International Journal.
  • Chauniyal, D.D. et al. Static Analysis of Bhyari Landslide and its Consequences in Uttarakhand, India.


“The Holy Himalaya: Socio-Economic Interpretation of Garhwal” is under process.