Baba Saheb
Dr. B.R Ambedkar Chair

Establishment of Dr. Ambedkar Chair

The Doon University is deeply grateful to Dr. Ambedkar foundation for establishing Dr. Ambedkar Chair at the university towards translating Dr. B R Ambedkar’s ideas into practical propositions and policy instruments relevant for attainment of our national goal of social justice.

The Chair,established in School of Social Sciences, has been allocated to Doon University with the thrust areas -- “social inclusion and empowerment of weaker sections of society” for pursuing study, research, teaching and extension activities.

It is in this context that the this centre will critically explore socio-cultural, economic, political, health, educational and employability status and empowerment of women and SC/ST communities in Uttarakhand. The centre would undertake studies on history, socio-cultural practices, social structure, social stratification, marginalization of SC/ST, women and other weaker sections and efforts to empower them, occupation, livelihood and caste, customary laws and implementation of progressive legislations and socio-economic development programmes meant to empower those who have continued to remain on the margins of society. Apart from research, publications and teaching, the centre would conduct workshops, trainings, capacity building and legal awareness/legal aid porgrammes (in collaboration with other agencies) towards empowerment and attainment of social justice.

Collaborations, seminars, trainings and workshops

Ambedkar Chair will engage with colleges and schools in the state and sensitise their faculty on the issue of human rights, caste discrimination, gender, untouchability etc.

Apart from organising short periodical bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly interactive lectures/workshops and seminars, one annual seminar will be organised on important contemporary issues related to social justice, human rights or gender issues. Students, academicians, lawyers and civil society leaders would participate in these activities.

Engagement with renowned artisans, artists, activists

The Ambedkar Chair, apart from undertaking research, organising seminars and workshops, would engage with artists and renowned artisans who have years of experience of working on the relevant fields, particularly with an Ambedkarite perspective. They can be invited and encouraged to work in collaboration with the Chair. Such practices are already being taken up by many universities, including abroad, where they are recognised for their work and experience and not necessarily for their academic qualification.

Annual publication and newsletter

An annual publication will be brought out based on the presentation of papers in the annual seminar. Apart from this, The Chair will bring out a periodical newsletter about activities undertaken. The newsletter will also contain articles and analysis on relevant themes.

Online discussion platform

The Chair would organise online discussions regularly and develop an online network of individuals, activists, academics, research scholars working on the issues relevant to the mandate of the Chair. This platform will also serve as a digital resource centre for those engaged with relevant themes.