Reference and Assistance

The Central Library is in the belief that our users are the most important person to us and each one of the library staff is always ready to solve library-related problems of the users.

Readers may approach the Reference Desk for information or assistance in using the Library Collections and Services. Users may contact Assistant Librarian for computerized services, Database Search Services, Web-based electronic journals, Inter-Library Loan or any other help.

The following services are offered under this category:

    • Reference Desk for quick help
    • Manual help for comprehensive utilization
    • Guide Cards for easy searching
–Through E-mail to individuals
    • Details of all library transactions
    • Due-date alert
    • Bibliography
    • New arrivals list (to staff), to access the list click 
    • Content page of Journals (to staff)
–Through SMS to individuals
    • SMS alert of all library transactions
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