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Workshop on Learning Management Systems (ILMS)

The library organized an insightful workshop on the Learning Management System (LMS) on March 3, 2022, a pivotal platform for modern education. The distinguished resource person for the event was Dr. Abhishek Kumar, accompanied by the proficient team member Mr. Brijesh Patel. The workshop was impeccably coordinated by the Dean of Student Welfare, Prof. H.C. Purohit. The Honorable Vice-Chancellor graced the occasion with her presidential remarks, emphasizing the importance of leveraging LMS in academic settings. Dr Abhishek Kumar and his team then conducted an extensive session, delving into the intricacies of building courses on the Learning Management System. Their expertise and hands-on approach provided valuable insights for the participants, fostering a deeper understanding of how LMS can enhance the teaching and learning experience in educational institutions.

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Workshop on “How to access Library resources through Mobile App”

The Library recently organized a workshop on how to utilize the MyLoft application for accessing different library resources. MyLoft is an app-based remote access solution that enables users to create their personalized library configured into a single app. The app-based solution provides easy access to subscribed e-resources and digital content of interest anywhere, anytime, without the need to remember passwords or log in multiple times. The workshop was held on 11.5.2022. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor inaugurated the workshop. The Dean of Student Welfare, faculty members, and research scholars were present in the workshop. The workshop covered all aspects of the MyLoft app-based remote access solution, including how to discover, access, organize, and save subscribed e-resources and digital content.

The hands-on training session included a step-by-step guide on how to create a personalized library with the MyLoft app, how to search for content, and how to access subscribed e-resources and digital content. The resource person demonstrated how the app-based solution provides all the access through a single login credential, which eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords or log in multiple times.

During the workshop, the research scholars showed a keen interest in the MyLoft app-based remote access solution. They discussed various aspects of the app with the resource person and asked questions related to the features and benefits of the app-based solution. The workshop also provided an opportunity for the attendees to share their experiences and feedback related to using the MyLoft app.

Prof. P.S. Kalsi’s Illustrious Visit: Enriching Academic Horizons at Doon University’s Central Library

The Central Library at Doon University was graced with the esteemed presence of Prof. P.S. Kalsi, a distinguished expert, accomplished author, and revered Professor of Chemistry, on the 22nd of April 2022. Renowned for his groundbreaking work in organic and inorganic chemistry, Prof. Kalsi’s visit marked a significant occasion for the academic community. Having authored over 150 research papers in both national and international journals, he stands as a luminary in the field.

Despite retiring from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in 1999, Prof. Kalsi remains dynamically engaged in academia, delivering nearly 200 invited lectures annually. It was his genuine passion for literature and a profound connection to his research area that led him to explore the depths of the Central Library at Doon University.

During his visit, Prof. Kalsi immersed himself in the library’s extensive collection, spending hours gaining valuable insights from various books. His admiration for the library’s organization and the meticulous curation of resources was evident. Not merely a passive observer, Prof. Kalsi graciously offered suggestions for enhancing the library’s selection of resources, providing an added advantage for the academic community. The Central Library at Doon University not only hosted a distinguished guest but also benefited from the valuable expertise and insights of a scholar dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

Face-a-Book Challenge:

The English essayist Joseph Addison once wrote, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Today, our mobile screens have made us abandon the both physical and mental exercise. Instead of going for a morning walk or picking up a book, we rather choose to sit with a mobile phone scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for hours. To inculcate and revive reading habits in youth, the Central Library of Doon University, in collaboration with Elysian, the Literary Society of the Department of English brought out a unique reading event. Called the ‘Face-a-Book’ challenge, the four-day event from 16th to 19th November 2022, brought several students to the reading table. The prizes for motivating the students were generously sponsored by Jan Uday Foundation. The participants were asked to pick a book out of a pre-selected pool and were given three days to complete reading the book that they had chosen. The books could be read only in the reading room from 9 am to 8 pm. On the last day, the participants presented a review of the book they had chosen to an open audience in the Senate Hall. All the students who completed the challenge were presented certificates while Nidhi Joshi, Kanak Thapliyal and Aman Kumar bagged the top three positions. The eminent jury comprised of Dr Richa Joshi Pandey, Dr Gazala Khan, Dr Ujjwal Kumar and Mr Kunwar Japendar Singh, (State President, Jan Uday Foundation). Mr Kunwar Japendar Singh expressed his keenness in supporting the reading initiative. The organizers, participants and the audience alike took home a warm love for reading and eagerness to begin their next book. The event came to fruition under the guidance of Dr H.C. Purohit (Dean of Student Welfare), Dr Ashish Kumar (Librarian) and Dr Chetana Pokhriyal (Head, Department of English) of Doon University.

Workshop on “How to access E-resources through Mobile app”:

On 22nd February 2023, the Central Library at Doon University collaborated with the MYLOFT team to conduct a workshop on “How to access your Library eResources using MyLoft”. The workshop was aimed at acquainting the research scholars and students with the MyLoft platform, which is a digital library that provides access to various scholarly research journals. Dr Ashish Kumar, Head Librarian, Central Library, Doon University, gave an introduction highlighting the need to be up-to-date with eResources in these rapidly digitalizing times.

Mr Vaibhav Goel, the resource person from MyLoft, instructed the participants about the download and registration processes of the App MyLoft. He also demonstrated the various beneficial features of My Loft which shall facilitate research material even outside of the university campus with the use of smartphones or laptops. At the end of the workshop, the resource person asked some questions, and the winners were given prizes. The participants were happy to attend the workshop and showed positive reactions at the end.

The workshop proved to be beneficial as the participants gained an understanding of MyLoft and how it can help them in their research work. It was an excellent opportunity for the research scholars and students to learn about the latest technology in the field of library resources. The workshop also highlighted the importance of keeping up with the changing times and how libraries are adapting to provide better resources to their users. Overall, it was a successful workshop that was appreciated by all the participants.

Pictures of the event:

Digital Horizon Unveiled:
Inauguration of Doon University’s E-Library Marks a Milestone in Academic Modernization

The program for the Inauguration of the E-Library at Doon University, Dehradun, held on Wednesday, 19th July 2023, at Raj Bhawan, Dehradun, was a momentous occasion attended by faculty members, officials of Doon University, and Raj Bhawan officials. The E-Library was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Governor Sir, who emphasized the crucial role of libraries as gateways to unexplored realms.

In his address, the Hon’ble Governor discussed the challenges faced by libraries in the modern digital age, emphasizing the need for adaptation to technological advancements while preserving traditional print collections. He highlighted the significance of embracing digital resources, e-books, and online databases to meet the evolving needs of users.

Acknowledging budget constraints and rising knowledge resource costs, the Hon’ble Governor emphasized the importance of collaboration and resource sharing among institutions to provide valuable knowledge and learning opportunities. The development of the E-Library by the Central Library at Doon University was commended, boasting an extensive collection of over 900,000 e-resources.

The E-Library initiative was recognized for empowering students with access to a wealth of resources, including over 7,000 foreign-language newspapers and magazines, aligning with the School of Language’s efforts to enhance students’ understanding of global current affairs. The program concluded with a vote of thanks marking a significant milestone in the modernization of academic resources at Doon University.

Workshop on “Effective Utilization of Library Resources”

The Central Library organized an informative workshop on September 22, 2023, with a primary focus on the Effective Utilization of Library Resources for its first-year students. This workshop emerged in response to persistent requests from students for unimpeded access to the university library’s resources, available around the clock and from any location. Dr. Ashish Kumar, the University Librarian, along with his team, provided a comprehensive demonstration of the diverse services and resources offered by the library, with a notable emphasis on the eLibrary. This initiative resonated deeply with the students, who exhibited a keen interest in harnessing the wealth of digital knowledge.

During the workshop, the librarian explained the inner workings of the library, encompassing both its physical collection and electronic archives. His presentation also illuminated the innovative methods and procedures implemented by the library to offer steadfast support to the student community. The session, characterized by its interactivity, afforded students the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and resolve any lingering doubts concerning the university library’s facilities and services.

The workshop left students thoroughly satisfied and appreciative of the efforts invested in their academic growth. In gratitude, Shiva Sood, representing the student body, extended heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ashish Kumar and the diligent library staff for their unwavering dedication and the time they devoted to making the event a resounding success. During the session, the Library team comprised of Dr Udita Negi, Dr Rama Bora and Dr Rajneesh Kumar were actively involved in facilitating hands-on practice.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: University Library Bridges Knowledge Divide for High School Students

The library has extended its collection and services to the eager minds of class 11th and 12th students from Sara Devi Inter College and SGRR, Mothrowala Inter College. This move has unveiled new horizons for these young minds, providing them with the invaluable opportunity to witness, touch, and delve into the vast expanse of the knowledge world. Stepping into the library, students got a chance to see the print and electronic collection of the library available in 8 different languages. This exposure not only broadens their intellectual horizons but also grants them a glimpse into the meticulous academic and research preparations of university students. The library showcases the tools and resources that contribute to the students’ excellence in their academic and research endeavours.  This outreach program reflects the profound social responsibility of the university to inspire and encourage the children of nearby communities.

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