Dr. Vijay Sridhar

Dr. Vijay Sridhar, Assistant Professor

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  • Education: M.Sc.(Delhi Univ), M.Phil.(JNU), PhD(JNU)
  • Email: vshridhardoon@gmail.com
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Air Pollution(Ambient air quality monitoring,Chemical Characterization and source receptor modelling of Pollutants(PAHs, VOCs, Trace metals, carbonaceous matter) in air, water and oil. Aerosol-Cloud interactions and micro physical processes.
IRINS Profile
Awards & Honours:
  1. Research Associate ship CSIR New Delhi, 2008
Best Five publications in last five years:
  1. 2008, Spatial and Temporal variation of BTEX in the urban atmosphere of Delhi, India, Science of the Total Environ, 392, pp 30-40
  2. 2008, Visibility impairing aerosols in the Urban atmosphere of Delhi, Environ Monit Assess, 141, pp 1-3
  3. 2008, Temporal variability of benzene concentration in the ambient air of Delhi: A comparative assessment of Pre and Post CNG periods, J of Hazar Mats, 154, pp 1013-1018
  4. 2009, Pattern, sources and toxic potential of PAHs in the agricultural soils of Delhi, India, J. of Hazar Mats, 163, pp 1033-1039
  5. 2010, Metallic species in ambient particulate matter at rural and urban location of Delhi, J. of Hazar Mats,, 175, pp 600-607
Ongoing Projects:
  1. UGC funded project, “ Black Carbon assessment in Dehradun and mussorie region”, 2013
  2. CWET funded “Establishment of local wind resource assessment and evaluation unit at Doon University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand