Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science in Doon University came into existence in the year 2015 as a part of School of Physical Sciences. We are a growing department, with an aim to impart quality education, theoretical as well as practical, in the field of Computer Science.


  • Students become innovative leaders in the field of Computer Science and faculty be recognized for teaching and quality research, thereby establishing a unique identity.


  • To provide quality education in both theoretical and applied foundations of CS.
  • To establish a research center with excellence at par with global standards.

Research Areas

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Security
  • Virtualization Security
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Mining

Why study CS @ Doon University?

The role that computers have played and continues to play cannot be overstated. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, computer science continues to be an exciting and lucrative field of study. Learning how to code teaches you how to think. Stephen Hawking proclaims the necessity of computer programming with his statement, "Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming skill is an essential skill to learn."

In pursuit of excellence in teaching and research, Department of Computer Science aims to be recognized as a technologically advanced center. The department has 4 full-time faculties such that 1 Associate Professor and 3 Assistant Professors to respond to the academic needs of the students. During the course of degree programme offered by the department, the students will develop deep discipline specific knowledge as well as the skills required for graduate level employment. There are various computational subjects that are of industrial relevance and at the same time required at the forefront of pursuing a research career in Computer Science.