Library Rules

Library Rules

General Rules

  • Library is open to bonafide members only.
  • Membership is automatically conferred to all the faculty members, research scholars or a student on his / her joining the University and remains valid for his/ her full tenure.
  • Membership to non-teaching staff and outsiders is also considered as per recommendations in the concerned case by the University authority.
  • All faculty members, non-teaching staff, and students shall complete the Library Membership Form and submit the same to the Librarian duly recommended/signed by HOD.
  • The Member should produce his/her ID card for borrowing library documents.
  • Borrowing rights of members are not transferable.
  • Entry in Library premises is allowed only after verifying the Identity Card.
  • A member must enter his / her name and time of entry and put his / her signatures legibly in the register kept at the entrance for the purpose as a token of his acceptance to abide by the library rules.
  • Following articles that may cause undue inconvenience to other members are strictly prohibited inside the premises of the Library:

    • Private books and printed matters other than belonging to library,
    • Mobile phones, computer stationery, compact discs,
    • Umbrella, briefcases, boxes and such other articles.
  • These may be kept outside in the pigeon-holes/ property counter by members at their own risk.
  • Library shall not be responsible for any loss or damages of the personal belongings of the user.
  • All users must maintain a peaceful environment of study within and around the Library.
  • Talking, eating, smoking, using a mobile phone or sleeping is strictly prohibited.
  • The Librarian reverse the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or with any other member.
No Dues Certificate

Clearance: “No Dues Certificate / Clearance Certificate” should be obtained from the Library while leaving the University. Result or degree or dues cannot be released to members unless all borrowings are returned.

Rules for the use of Library Materials

  • Reading materials may be used within Library premises or borrowed for external use.
  • Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, Reference Materials and rare books will be issued only for reading within the library.
  • Borrowers are requested for safe & careful use of Library documents and must ensure that the Library documents borrowed by them are maintained in sound condition. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage of the document(s) and he / she may have to replace the same or pay the damage as per rules of the Library.
  • In the case of loss / damage of a Library book, it has to be replaced by the latest edition of the same or double cost of the entire volume must be paid. In the case of loss of a single part of a multi-volume publication, entire set will be recovered /replaced from the borrower.
  • No user shall write, or make any mark upon, fold or damage any document of the Library if found doing so necessary action shall be taken as per rule.
  • The borrowed documents must be returned by the member on or before the due date or earlier if demanded by the Library.
  • It is the sole right of the Library to issue or not issue or not re-issue any book. No document shall be returned on the day of issue.
  • All issued books shall be returned on the 8th day by students and 181th day by faculty from the date of issue. For example, if the book is issued on 1st of the month, the same must be returned on 8th of the month. If 8th day happens to be a Holiday the book shall be returned on the day the Library re-opens; failing which the fine shall be charged for the entire period of Holidays i.e. from 8th day onwards.
  • Duplicate Library card will be issued @ Rs. 100/-. Member losing the card shall make a report to the librarian. Duplicate Card shall be issued after 7 days from the date of reporting of the loss.
  • Any violation of these Library Rules shall lead to forfeiture of the membership of the concerned member. Appropriate disciplinary action may also be imposed.
  • These rules are subject to revision/updation from time to time without assigning any reason.

To download the Library Membership Form for Teaching and Non-Teaching staff, please Click Here

To download the Library Membership Form for Students, please Click Here