School of Design

School of Design

Our Vision :

Doon University aims to be a centre for distinction in learning in India by promoting excellence in teaching and research. Accordingly, the University intends to impart socially and economically relevant education. The study of design has become increasingly important in the modern innovation-led society.

The School of Design aims to provide affordable design education and studio infrastructure at par with other national institutes. The School will aim to create strong relations with the design fraternity and the industry in India and elsewhere. Education will be oriented in ethical and academic standards with respect for intellectual property and copyright. The School will endeavour to educate and impart skills to students geared to meet the requirements of the burgeoning design ecosystem in India.

Our vision is to be one of the leading Design Schools in India with a strong presence in research and services. We aim to educate responsible designers who are creative thinkers who have skills to conceptualize and develop their designs in a professional capacity. As part of the prestigious Doon University, we will strive to have a multi-disciplinary approach and explore inter-linkages of design with the social and natural sciences.

The School of Design will also endeavour to foster design education in the state of Uttarakhand and raise design awareness at all levels of education. The School of Design will aim to encourage indigenous design solutions, building upon traditional knowledge systems. It will encourage universal and accessible design solutions for the masses.


Design is everywhere around us. It has become the modern differentiator. The importance of including art, science and technology in the curriculum is discernible in modern days. In simplest terms, design manifests itself as a discipline which is an explicitly organized, rational and wholly systematic approach to problem solving. As opposed to the common notion that design delves only in the area of applied arts, it is a markedly huge part of applied sciences. A design process needs to take into account the underlying anthropology of context reduced to anthropometrics, ergonomics and consumer psychology & sociology. In everything that environs us, there is no area that is untouched by design. This discipline as a problem solving mechanism that emanates into making lives and the planet better takes up an important place in current and future age.

A designer's task is to understand the dynamic morphology of not only the system but also its intelligence to work on the ins and outs of every possible solution that exists within the scope of the said system. A designer will have to take into account the complex interplay and relationships of the various layers and subsystems which build up the inner world of the thinking, feeling, and willing human being. The appeal of design education lies in the fact that designers continuously function and evolve with the environment and subsystem in which they operate making it a wholesome discipline.

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