• The School of Design is well equipped with spacious, projector-equipped studios and custom-designed furniture.
  • There is a dedicated drawing studio with easels for live sketching classes.
  • The material and tool workshop provides students with the opportunity to work with their hands, exploring a variety of different materials including wood, thermocol, polystyerene, plaster of paris, sheet metal and fibre boards.
  • Two devoted computer labs are provided to the students in School of Design to explore a range of 2D as well as 3D software, to enhance their visualization capabilities.
  • Wacom tablets are available for use to all students.
  • Our well-stocked library has a large number of books and periodicals on design and related disciplines to help students build a knowledge base.
  • Individual lockers are available to all students for storage of models and materials.
  • Vast amounts of pin-up space is provided in all studios, labs and corridors in order to encourage and facilitate a constant dialogue between students, between faculty and students, and between the School of design and the entire community of Doon University.