Archive Tenders

NIT No/Tender Enquiry No Name of Work/Item & Description Corrigendum Bid Submission End Date
E-05/Cafeteria/DU/2024 E-tender for Providing Canteen/Cafeteria Services and Catering Services in University Guest House 19.02.2024 (03:00 PM)
04/NHRSC/DU/2023 Supply and Installation of Triple Isotope Water Analyzer 08.01.2024 (04:00 PM)
E-03/NHRSC/DU/2023 Supply of subsurface imaging instruments 28.12.2023 (04:00 PM)
E-01/NHRSC/DU/2023 Supply of Interactive Flat Panel Display in Doon University. 27.12.2023 (04:00 PM)
E-02/NHRSC/DU/2023 Supply of Desktop, Workstation, Printers, and Projectors. 27.12.2023 (04:00 PM)
E-08/IT/DU/2023 E-tender for supply of Computer Desktop Corrigendum 25.10.2023 (04:00 PM)
E-12/Exam/DU/2023 E-tender for printing and procurement of answer copy. 06.11.2023 (04:00 PM)
E-11/STP/DU/2023 E-tender for AMC of Sewerage Treatment Plant 03.11.2023 (03:00 PM)
E-10/ DU/2023 E-tender for Convocation Ceremony to be held on 06th Nov, 2023. Corrigendum 26.10.2023 (04:00 PM)
E-09/IT/DU/2023 E-tender for for supply of ICT infrastructure for Classrooms and Conference room Corrigendum 28.10.2023 (05:00 PM)
E-07/Vehicle/DU/2023 E-tender for Hiring of Vehicles 25.10.2023 (04:00 PM)
E-05/DU/2023-24 E-tender for supply of Chemicals, Glassware, Plastic wares, Gases, and Filter paper 28.07.2023 (12:55 PM)
E-02/Housekeeping & Gardening /DU- 2023 HOUSE-KEEPING CUM GARDENING SERVICES 14.06.2023 (02:00 PM)
108/Lib/2022. Empanelment of Vendors for supply of Print Books to Central Library, Doon University Corrigendum 13.10.2022 (03:00 PM)
108/Lib/2022. Empanelment of Vendors for supply of Print Books to Central Library, Doon University 13.10.2022 (03:00 PM)
E-03/STP/DU-2022 & E-03A/Housekeeping/DU-2022 AMC of Sewerage Treatment Plant 156 KLD and House Keeping & Gardening Services. 23.06.2022 (11:55 PM)
E-3/Conf/DU/2022 E-tenders for catering services for conference to be held in Nitya Nand Research Centre,Doon University 27.05.2022 (03:00 PM)
E-03/IT/DU E-tender for the purchase of the computer hardware 19.01.2022 (03:00 PM)
E-03/Stationery E-tender for the purchase of the stationery 19.01.2022 (03:00 PM)
E-02/Mess/DU/2022 E- Tender Document for Running of Mess in Girls Hostel 10.01.2022 (02:00 PM)
E-02/Exam/DU/2021 E-tender for auction of old answer sheets& other exam related waste materials 25.12.2021 (03:00 PM)
E-01/Mess/DU/2021 E-tender to provide catering services in Boys and Girls Hostel 11.12.2021 (04:00 PM)
E-14/Conv/DU/2021 E-tender for Convocation ceremony to be held on 15th December,2021 04.12.2021 (04:00 PM)
E-48/DU/2021-22 E-Tender for online ups and multi functional Printer (School of Design) 02.10.2021 (03:00 PM)
E-47/DU/2021-22 E-tender for supply of the following Equipment for central instrumentation facility & Solar Simulator (School of Physical Sciences) 02.10.2021 (03:00 PM)
Empanelment of Vendors for supply of Print Books to Central Library, Doon University 20.07.2021 (05:00 AM)
E-45/DU/2020-21 E-tender for conducting online admission test 2021 17.04.2021 (03:00 PM)
E-44/DU/2020-21 E- tender for procurement of laboratory equipment for School of Environnment and Natural Resources. 17.04.2021 (03:00 PM)
E-19/DU/2021 E-tender for hiring of vehicles 17.04.2021 (03:00 PM)