Academic Programmes

The department offers following courses as per NEP framework:

Applied Science programme

  • B. Sc. (Computer Science) hons- 3 years
  • B. Sc. (Computer Science) hons with research- 4 years
  • M. Sc. (Computer Science)- 2 years

Engineering Programme

  • B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) – 4 years
  • M. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) – 2 years

Doctoral programme

The Department is offering Ph. D. programme for the students with the essential qualifications and aims to establish state-of-the art computational facilities that will allow students to venture into emergent Core Computer Science areas such as Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, Block chain, Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Vision etc. and the applications of the emerging technologies into interdisciplinary domains such remote sensing, healthcare informatics, bio-informatics, rural development practices such as smart agriculture, transportation and smart city, etc.