Well Equipped Class rooms The class rooms in the School of Physical Sciences are well equipped with high-tech projectors, white boards and adequate sitting arrangements.

State of the art laboratories The laboratories are developed by keeping in view the content of the syllabus so that students can have hand on experience of the courses they are learning through lectures. The laboratories with quintessential experiments have been developed for bachelors and master’s students.

Computational centerComputational science is now being perceived as a core skill that is crucial to the construction of theories and models at a new conceptual level and therefore to the progress of many scientific agendas. The School’s computer labs are an ambitious response to the growing demand to develop more quantitative approaches in all areas of scientific learning and research.

Emerging materials science research laboratory The SoPS is yet to establish a research lab involving its departments with the help of funds approved by various funding agencies.

Emerging Central Instrumentation Facility within campus The University has been granted the funds from Rashtriya Uchcha Shiksha Aphiyan (RUSA) to setup a University level CIF for the research purpose. The facility is under review and yet to reach into the initial phase of establishment.