Thrust Research Areas

The department aims to establish the state of-the art experimental and computational facilities that will allow to venture into emergent interdisciplinary areas like nanotechnology, condensed matter physics, computational materials science, computational physics, theoretical condensed matter physics and energy harvesting technologies. The faculties of the department are engaged in the research through the international collaborations taking up the emerging challenges of scientific research. Recently, the Executive Council of Doon University approved a Center for Nanotechnology on the basis of proposal submitted by faculties from different departments and schools within the university in order to promote the interdisciplinary research at Nano-length scale level. The affiliation of the faculty members of the department to this center will promote the multidisciplinary aspects of the respective research areas.

Following are the active areas of research in the department at present:

  1. Quantum Mechanical First-Principle Calculations: (Applications and Development)
  2. Machine Learning based atomistic simulations
  3. Graphene synthesis on Ni-Mo, Si/SiO2 and copper substrates by thermal chemical vapor deposition and CO2 equipped laser ablation systems.
  4. Sunlight-driven catalysis (photocatalysis) on hybrid nanoparticles loaded periodically modulated TiO2 nanostructures.
  5. Effect of ion irradiation on the hybrid solar cells components.