Faculty Photo Faculty Details
  • Name: Dr. Himani Sharma (HOD)
  • Designation: Assistant Professor & HOD
  • Education: M.Sc. (K. U. Kurukshetra), M. Tech. (T.U. Patiyala) Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)
  • Email: hsharma.ph@doonuniversity.ac.in
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Photocatalysis and energy harvesting applications of TiO2 and semiconducting nanostructures, Graphene and Carbon Nanostructures, Thin Film Deposition by PVD and CVD techniques, Electron field emission, Raman spectroscopy.
  • Name: Dr. Vikas Sharma
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Education: MSc (JNU, Delhi), Phd (IIT Delhi)
  • Email: vsharma.ph@doonuniversity.ac.in
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Computational Materials Science, Optimisation and parallelisation of atomic simulations techniques, Machine-learning based modelling, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Biophysics, Nonlinear Dynamics.
  • Name: Dr. Ajeet Kumar Maurya
  • Designation: Assistant Professor (FRP)
  • Education: M.Sc. (Lucknow University), Ph.D. (IIG Navi Mumbai/Mumbai University)
  • Email: ajeet.iig@gmail.com
  • Phone: +91 9454932852
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Space Weather, Sun-Earth Connections, Radio Remote sensing of the Ionosphere, SeismicElectromagnetic, Atmospheric Gravity Waves, Ionospheric Monitoring of Extreme Weather events, Climate Change and Transient Luminous Events