Dr. Himani Sharma (HOD)

Dr. Himani Sharma (HOD), Associate Professor & HOD

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  • Education: M.Sc. (K. U. Kurukshetra), M. Tech. (T.U. Patiyala) Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)
  • Email: hsharma.ph@doonuniversity.ac.in
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Photocatalysis and energy harvesting applications of TiO2 and semiconducting nanostructures, Graphene and Carbon Nanostructures, Thin Film Deposition by PVD and CVD techniques, Electron field emission, Raman spectroscopy.
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Awards & Honours:
  1. 1. Prof. C. Ambasankaran best paper award (oral presentation) by Indian Vacuum Society in 2011.
Best Five publications in last five years:
  1. 5. S. Farsinezhad, *H. Sharma, Karthik Shankar, 2015, Interfacial band alignment for photocatalytic charge separation in TiO2 nanotube arrays coated with CuPt nanoparticles, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17, 29723
  2. 2. S. Farsinezhad, S. P. Banerjee, B. B. Rajeeva, B. D. Wiltshire, H. Sharma, A. Sura, A. Mohammadpour, P. Kar, Robert F., K. Shankar, 2017, Reduced ensemble plasmon linewidths and enhanced two-photon luminescence in anodically formed high surface area Au-TiO2 3D nanocomposites, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 740
  3. 1. S. Farsinezhad, T. Shanavas, N. Mahdi, A. Askar, P. Kar, H. Sharma, K. Shankar,2018, Core-shell titanium dioxide - titanium nitride nanotube arrays with near-infrared plasmon resonances,, Nanotechnology 29
  4. 3. P. Kar, S. Farsinezhad, N. Mahdi, Y. Zhang, U. Obuekwe, H. Sharma, J. Shen, N. Semagina, K. Shankar, 2016, Enhanced CH4 yield by photocatalytic CO2 reduction using TiO2 nanotube arrays grafted with Au, Ru and ZnPd nanoparticles, Nano Research 9, 3478
  5. 4. P. Kar, Y. Zhang, S. Farsinezhad, A. Mohammadpour, B. D. Wiltshire, H. Sharma, K. Shankar, 2015, Rutile phase n- and p-type anodic titania nanotube arrays with square-shaped pore morphologies, Chemical Communications, 51, 7816
Ongoing Projects:
  1. 1. Exciting MoS2 nanosheets-one dimensional periodic nanotubes based heterostructures for light harvesting applications (UGC under FRPS scheme)-2016
  2. 2. Solar Energy Harvesting using Exotic Metal Nanoparticle-Periodically Segmented TiO? Hybrids for Photocatalytic Applications (SERB, DST under ECRA scheme)-2017